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Materials Innovation
for Sustainable Development Goals


Call for Late News

The submission site for Late News presentations is now open.
MRM2021 now invites post-deadline presentations describing important development in rapidly advancing areas of the corresponding symposium after the deadline of the regular submissions.
The format and the way of submission of Abstracts of Late News should be the same as the regular one by use of the following submission web site.

Deadline for submission of Late News is August 21, 2021.

The abstracts of the Late News will be reviewed by the symposium organizers and the acceptance will be notified by the end of August, along with presentation style (oral or poster).
In the case of poster presentation, the applicant is not eligible for the Award application.

The decision of Accept or Reject will be made by the symposium organizers. The accepted abstracts for the Late News will be posted in the program Booklet so that they can be identified.

If you have any questions, please contact to the corresponding symposium organizers.

Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission closed on May 31 at 24.00 UTC (June 1 at 9.00 JST).
In case somebody had technical problems to submit abstracts by the deadline, please contact the organizers of the symposium that you would like to present.

We would like to thank all authors who contributed their abstracts!
The symposium organizers will now review the abstracts. The results will be available by the end of June.

All attendees are requested to complete the registration and payment via the online system. The registration system will open in around mid-July.

Submission Instructions

  • All abstracts must be written in English and submitted via the online submission system.
  • Please use the abstract template (Microsoft Word), which must be converted into its PDF version for submission.
  • After successfully submitting your abstract, you will receive a submission confirmation by e-mail.
  • Once the abstract is submitted, changes, corrections, or reuploading of the abstract are possible until the submission deadline. Any modifications requested after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Each account holder can submit two abstracts as the presenter.
  • Please select the symposium corresponding to your submission.


The MRM Poster Award 2021 is intended to honor and encourage materials scientists and engineers whose academic achievements and current research in materials display a high level of excellence and distinction. The MRM2021 Committee seeks to recognize scientists and engineers of exceptional ability who show promise for significant future achievements in materials research. This award is aimed at poster presentations.


Gold Award
Silver Award
Graduate Student Award

Eligibility and procedure

  1. The award winner must be both first author and speaker of the poster presentations.
  2. There is no upper age limit for nominees. Application forms must be submitted to the secretariat for the MRM2021. You will be provided with the application details and deadline after submitting your on-line abstract.
  3. The submitted award applications will be reviewed by referees, who will examine the applications, and select eligible candidate groups for the gold, silver, and graduate student prizes. The selected candidates of this the pre-evaluation will be asked to their poster presentation at the specified date and time during the meeting period. The details will be individually contacted to the selected candidates along with the results of the first screening.
  4. All award recipients will be selected based on the pre-evaluation of the submitted award applications and the evaluation at the poster presentation during the meeting period. All awardees recipients will be published on the homepages of MRM2021and the MRS-Japan News, and the winning posters will be uploaded onto these homepages.

*The above rules and procedure may be subject to change by the MRM2021 Organizing Committee.

Online Submission System

To begin the submission process, an account must be created. On the new submission page, click “Create an Account.” If you wish to return later to make changes, complete an unfinished abstract submission, or revise a submission, please select “Log In” and enter the login information you created.

Enter the account holder information and complete all required fields.


Acceptance Notice

Users will be notified of acceptance on June 30 via the submission system. Please remember your account’s password.

Registration and Payment

AUTHORS/PRESENTERS (including keynote and invited speakers) must complete the registration and payment via the online system. The registration system will open in July.


Abstracts accepted for presentation will be published online only for those who have completed their conference registration. The publication date is December 1, 2021.

Submitting Author Responsibilities

The person submitting an abstract will be responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that if accepted, the presenting author will present the abstract as designated by the MRM2021 Program Committee.
  • Providing complete and accurate contact and affiliation information for all co-authors.
  • Ensuring that all co-authors have reviewed and approved the abstract’s content.

Copyright Management

The copyright of the submitted and accepted proceeding manuscript adopted at MRM 2021 and other materials contributed to the conference is handled under the copyright policy of the Materials Research Society of Japan (MRS-J).

Personal Data Management

Personal data gathered during MRM2021 will be managed according to MRS-J’s privacy policy.
Any information obtained will be used only for the following purposes:

  • To contact manuscript contributors, participants, exhibitors, among others, for conference coordination
  • To provide information on MRS-J itself or related activities - Notifications can be canceled by contacting the MRS-J Secretariat office.

Presentation Guide

MRM2021 will take place as a face-to-face meeting, and all events will be held at the venue in Yokohama. Oral presentation will be organized in the Hybrid system. Therefore, authors who will deliver an oral presentation will be asked to deliver in-person presentations of the work if you can travel to the venue. Otherwise, authors can present online if they cannot travel in December due to COVID-19

On the other hand, poster presentations will be organized in both in-person and online systems. Authors who can come to the venue will be asked to deliver in-person presentations of the work at the in-person poster slot. If authors cannot travel to the venue, they can present online at a different slot from the in-person poster presentation. The in-person poster presenters are also required to make online poster presentations in accordance with the principles of this conference. This means that all meeting attendees can hear all presentations online only.

We would appreciate your cooperation in answering our questionnaires regarding the submission process for your in-person or online presentations within one month to two weeks prior to the event’s commencement.

Oral Presentation

English is the official language at this conference; all oral sessions will be delivered to every meeting attendee via Zoom.

In-person Oral Presentation

  • We request that you bring your presentation slides on a USB drive, arrive at the PC preview desk 30 minutes prior to your session time, and inspect your presentation slides before submitting them.
  • Please use the designated computer located by the podium for your presentation.
  • The computer by the podium is connected to Zoom. You can open the slide data that you submitted at the PC preview desk using this computer.
  • Please share your slides on Zoom and proceed with your presentation.

If you are using your own computer, it must be connected to Zoom before you bring it to the podium. For reliable connectivity, use the pre-arranged wired LAN cable available at the podium.

Regarding details of the presentation time, please find the following PDF File.

Registration Desk and PC Preview Desk
December 12Located on the 4th Floor of Pacifico Yokohama North
Opening Hours: 12:00 - 17:00
December 13 - 16Located on the 2nd Floor of Pacifico Yokohama North
Opening Hours: 8:30 - 17:30

Online Oral Presentation

We request that all presenters join Zoom and enter the Zoom Room at least 15 minutes prior to your session time.

After accessing Zoom, change the screen name (e.g. Speaker_Taro Yamada_Material Univ.). Use chat or hand-raise features to inform ★Staff MRM, the host, that you have entered the Zoom room.

Poster Presentation

In-person Poster Presentation

In accordance with the chart below, please set up your poster at your designated time. Stand in front of your poster, proceed to the discussion time to answer all questions, and then remove your poster.
Display your poster on your assigned poster board (H2100 × W910).

Online Poster Presentation

Online poster presentations will be conducted through Zoom breakout rooms.

In accordance with the following chart, please give your presentation at your designated presentation time using Zoom meeting. Subsequently stand-by in the breakout room assigned by your presentation ID. When attendees with questions enter the room, proceed to answer them.

Precautions when using Zoom

We recommend that presenters install the Zoom application on their own PC and access it using PC version application. We cannot ensure a smooth and productive online presentation if you access it from browsers or smartphones. Updating to the newest version is required.

Zoom client for meetings can be downloaded using the following link:


How to join the online sessoins and download the PDF abstract

You can join the online sessions from the timetable above. Refer to the guide here [PDF] for details.
Please note, you cannot see the Zoom meeting icon and PDF abstract before Dec. 6.
These will be uploaded after Dec.6.